A Little About Me

I am a photographer based out of Connecticut. Born and raised in Middletown but I travel all across this gorgeous state to meet with clients.  My shooting style consists of using natural light, lifestyle sessions.  My favorite locations are beaches and mountains where landscapes are open for roaming.

I specialize in mainly family photography and I love to capture newborns and couples.

What I capture is a little glimpse into your life and create memories that you will cherish forever.

Each session is customized to you and who you are together as a family.  We decide on a location, we meetup and we create together. 


My Story

I started growing a passion for photography when I received a camera as one of my high school graduation gifts.  My college roommates became my models, as well as random objects and anything that I could find to take a photo of.  I took my first paying gig on mother's day in 2010 and the rest is history.  

I realized that I had a gift in capturing moments and I wanted to share that with everyone.  

The people that I work with are more than just clients; they are friends who turn into family.  I've watched many of my clients grow into these beautiful families.  It is truly incredible to look back and be a part of a moment in time with someone....that I helped capture these moments for them so that they can always look back on them to remember.  That is amazing.